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In the Copenhagen area bicycles are the number one choice of transportation, or so we claim. Bicycles comes in all sorts of setups but to most the cargo bicycle is the most iconic. Frankly most of them are a pain to all cyclists and especially for the driver. They are big in every sense. Hence ButchersBicycles challenged themselves to do a speedy, easygoing version. A very hard task indeed, but the outcome both in terms of design and functionality is outstanding, and we love it in Denmark and the rest of the world award this setup to be the very best ever made. Whilst the headline The Danish King of Cargo bicycles. By the way, the workshop is situated in the posh meat district in Copenhagen, so one could ague that there is common sense to the brand name.

Being part of the great traditions of Scandinavian Design and Scandinavian Living made us realize how important it is to present makers to the people around the world who can appreciate some of the more distinguish designers and products available – hence Today it’s not just Scandinavian makers we celebrate but makers and designers from all in the Nordic region.

We are happy to present such a great craftsman to Northernmakers. We strive to collect the greatest designers and craftsman from all of Scandinavia under one roof.

All of which hold proud Scandinavian traditions both in terms of design, product and production.

This latest introduction to a member in the transportation category of Northernmakers just point to the fact that the Nordic region still supplies quality and well thought icons Internationally, all of which makes us passionate to bring more of these skilled people, their brands and beautiful products to the visitors of our web shop.

We can’t all visit the workshop and experience the manmade development at hand. But being the fortunate ones, we love to follow the designs as they unfold and learn to respect the attention to detail. After more than 4 years close to local makers and craftsmen we know how much story there is behind every product and material selected – and we are so proud to bring them to your attention.

ButchersBicycles are also proud member of the local network of craftsmen CPHmade in Copenhagen

We hope you can appreciate the makers that we present here on the platform